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Instructions for smac client setup in Windows OS


  1. Download the portable executable file
  2. Create a shortcut to the dowloaded executable file
  3. Press Windows + R key to open "Run" dialog box Download the portable executable file
  4. Type "shell:startup" and hit enter to open the startup folder
  5. copy the smac executable shortcut file to the startup folder


  1. Open the app and Enter Email ID to generate the 4 digit PIN
  2. Enter the 4 digit PIN sent to the register mail id
  3. From the app, go to networks -> click refresh button
  4. Ensure that the device is connected to a network that has smac server running
  5. From the app, go to groups -> mydevice -> newly added device
  6. Try updating the device property and check if its reflecting in the current device
  7. In case you already have a group already created from a primary device(where smac was installed) , the primary device (group admin device) has to send a request to the current device
  8. The newly added device has to accept the request in
    apphome-> notification -> accept the invite
  9. Once the device is successfully added , Ensure that the permission to the group are as per expected in
    appHome->groups-> selected group -> settings icon